Career at Nations Fresh Foods

Why Join Nations:

As an international grocery store, we embrace and value people from all backgrounds and cultures.

Our mission is to be an innovative leader in grocery stores in both product offerings and design by providing a diversity of fresh products from all over the world with competitive prices.

We aim to cultivate a working environment characterized by happiness, equality, fairness, diversity and possibility. We care about our employees and wish to help them achieve what they seek for in our dynamic organization.

Job Positions


Main job duties and REQUIREMENTS as:

We are looking for a Logistics General Manager to implement a cost-efficient logistics management system to solve the existing logistics issues and to harmonize logistics. Learn more details.


Main job duties as:

Lead and manage Nations Fresh Food’s digital marketing strategy and initiatives, social media planning & execution, and optimization and you will oversee advertisements and commercials.

Grocery Clerk

Main job duties as:

Receiving orders, stocking shelves, pricing check, returns, answering customers inquires on certain products.

Frozen/Dairy Clerk

Main job duties as:

Stocking shelves, receiving orders, pricing check, answering customers’ inquiries.

Seafood Clerk

Main job duties as:

Receiving order, stocking shelves, dealing with fresh seafood, help customers in purchasing.

Meat Cutter

Main job duties as:

receiving the meat order from suppliers, cutting meat as required put to designated vendor.

Meat wrapper

Main job duties as:

Wrapping meat with wrapping machine, pricing and stocking to shelves.

Meat Service Clerk

Main job duties as:

General duties as stocking, pricing and serving customers.

Bakery Clerk

Main job duties as:

Stocking shelves, decorating cakes, taking customers’ orders.

Food Court Server

Main job duties as:

Stock cooked food to designated areas, serve customers. (include western kitchen food court server and Asian kitchen food court server).


Main job duties as:

Maintaining the cleaning of the store, collecting garbage, clearing water tides in case of slip & falls.

Cashier/Customer service

Main job duties as:

Cash out for customers, return.

Bubble tea, juice station & coffee station server

Main job duties as:

Following instructions and producing drinks.

Deli Clerk

Main job duties as:

Serving customers, stocking shelves, inventory check etc.

Western Kitchen Department Cook


Related experiences.

Main job duties as:

Vary from Food preparation, Marinating, oven operating. International buffet line is a core station for western kitchen department. It provides international food to customers with a self-serve way.

Pizza Station

Main job duties as:

Making pizza and serving customers.

Burger Station Production Assistant

Main job duties as:

Assembling burgers, making fries etc.

Burger Station Cashier

Main job duties as:

Taking customers’ orders, checking out for customers.

Salad Station

Main job duties as:

Following recipe to prepare different kind of salad and serving customers.